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Travel Vaccinations

If you are thinking of travelling outside the UK, start preparing for your trip, especially long trips, at least eight weeks before you go. But even if time is short it is never too late to get travel health advice.

You can get advice on travel vaccinations and general travel health advice from community pharmacies, your GP practice and private travel clinics.

These travel vaccinations can be given by your GP practice under the NHS:

  • hepatitis A vaccine (monovalent vaccine)
  • combined hepatitis A and typhoid vaccine
  • typhoid vaccine
  • combined tetanus, diphtheria and polio vaccine
  • cholera vaccine

You will need to pay privately for the following travel vaccinations:

  • hepatitis B vaccine (monovalent vaccine and combination vaccine with hepatitis A)
  • meningitis ACWY135 vaccine
  • yellow fever vaccine
  • Japanese B encephalitis vaccine
  • tick-borne encephalitis vaccine
  • rabies vaccine
As per NHS guidance, NHS Bexley CCG will no longer support the routine prescribing of the above vaccinations on the NHS, for travel abroad. This will standardise local prescribing practice in NHS services.
  • Your GP practice may provide the above vaccinations through a private service.
  • Alternatively you can visit a private travel health clinic to obtain these travel vaccines
  • Some community pharmacies also provide private travel health services. A charge will be payable for these private services

It is important to consider the cost of travel vaccines when budgeting for your trip abroad.