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Bexley Home Fit Scheme

Dated: 16-Jan-18

A housing options scheme offering help and assistance to older homeowners who wish to move to smaller accommodation or are moving into a care home.

How does the scheme work?

We will advise on the options available to you including leasing your existing home to the Council for a guaranteed monthly income and support to move to a more suitable home.

This scheme may suit you if you want to move but do not want to sell your current home.

We will:
  • Inspect your home and advise you whether it is suitable for the leasing scheme.
  • Arrange an independent financial assessment to ensure that the scheme meets your financial needs.
  • Discuss the housing options available to you including sheltered accommodation.
  • Support you throughout the move to your new home. 
We can also offer advice and support if you wish to sell your existing home and purchase or rent something more suitable.

Is Bexley Home Fit Scheme right for you?
  • Are you over 60 and a homeowner?
  • Is your current home too big, or otherwise unsuitable, for you?
  • Are you struggling to maintain and heat your home?
  • Do you want to move to a more suitable property?
  • Would you like to move nearer to relatives and friends?
  • Are you unsure of the options available to you?
  • Are you moving into a care home and want to offset some of the costs?
Why not contact London Borough of Bexley on 020 8303 7777 and discuss your options with the Bexley Staying Put Team. 

To use this service, or for more information, please call 0208 303 7777 and ask for Bexley Staying Put

Bexley Staying Put
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