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We are no longer doing Ear Syringing at the Surgery

Dated: 14-Oct-17

We are no longer doing routine ear syringing at the surgery.

Ear Syringing can cause complications such as ear infections, perforation of the ear drum & tinnitus(persistent noise).

What to do if you have a problem with your hearing you believe to be due to Ear Wax.

Step 1
  1. Start this treatment if you have no pain, soreness or discharge from the ear. Purchase an agent from the chemist that helps liquidify the ear wax. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions. Use this for the duration recommended on the manufacturer’instructions. If after this time you are still experiencing problems with your hearing you can proceed to Step 2
  2. Or intil Olive Oil 2-3 drops for 2 -3 times a day. If after 3 weeks you are still experiencing problems with your hearing you can proceed to Step 2
Step 2
  1. If you have pain or blood stained/smelly discharge please arrange to see a GP
  2. You can contact a centre that provides ear suctioning. This is a safer means of clearing wax from the canal.
Please Google Ear Syringing in Bexley, Woodlands Surgery are unable to recommend anyone in particular.

Do not insert anything in the ear. Cotton buds, matchsticks, and hair pins can:
  • Damage the wall of the canal and increase the likelihood of otitis externa. 
  • Cause the wax to become impacted by pushing it further into the canal. 
  • Perforate the tympanic membrane.
Do not use ear candles as they have no benefit in the management of earwax removal and may result in serious injury.

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